GOC-0015 Twitter Management

1. Meta Data

Original Author(s): Esther Woo (ewoo0886@gmail.com.com)
Creation Date: 06/24/2022
Stage: Live
Live Date: 07/25/2022

Version: 1.01
Last Version Date: 07/25/2022
Last Version Author(s): Oliver Zerhusen (ozerhusen@gmail.com)

Organization: Ops Committee
Tag(s): Twitter, Procedure, Guideline

Version History:

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2. Summary

This GOC is intended to describe the tasks involved in managing the Graph AdvocatesDAO Twitter account. The explained tasks pertaining to Twitter management also contain specific rules and/or guidelines in order to deliver a consistent external branding of the DAO.

3. Motivation

Twitter is a vital tool for enhancing awareness of the DAO and its mission to grow the Graph and web3 ecosystem as described in the Charter. Management of the Twitter account will be conducted in a decentralized method that enables multiple DAO members to engage in the process. It is therefore necessary to specify rules of engagement with sufficient enough details in order to deliver a consistent Twitter messaging output that is in line with the DAO’s mission.

4. Specification

4.1. Scope of Engagement

Tweets sent from the DAO Twitter account should aim to support fulfilling the DAO’s mission and not deviate into unrelated topics. That also extends to questions such as which other accounts the DAO Twitter account should follow.

4.1.1. Content

The following is a list of content types that the DAO should adhere to tweeting about:

  • The Graph ecosystem and protocol updates
  • Graph AdvocatesDAO member stories
  • Graph Advocates success stories
  • Graph community grantee spotlights
  • Web3 ecosystem developments
  • DAO tooling, best practices, thought leadership

4.1.2. Account Following

The Graph AdvocatesDAO strives to be a spotlight in the Graph ecosystem, which is also reflected by the accounts it follows. The following is a guide of the type of accounts that are generally favored to be followed:

  • Graph AdvocatesDAO members
  • Graph Core Developer teams
  • Grantees
  • Graph Advocates
  • Graph regional and ecosystem communities
  • Reputable Graph community members
  • Web3 protocols
  • Web3 icons
  • Other DAOs

The Graph AdvocatesDAO’s mission should be an overarching guideline. Web3 participants and protocols that are considered pioneers in the ecosystem should be considered to follow. Likewise, participants in web3 that are demonstrating not to be mission-aligned should be avoided, such as individuals engaging in frequent price talks, airdrops or giveaways, as well as protocols that are not showing authentic commitment to decentralization.

4.2. Tweet Process

4.2.1. Pipeline Management

Anyone may suggest ideas for content to be tweeted, re-tweeted or quote tweeted (“tweets”). However, all tweets shall be drafted, reviewed, approved, and released by the Twitter team that oversees the Graph AdvocatesDAO Twitter account. A workflow management system should be used to manage the tweets pipeline proficiently that enables scalable methods of creating and approving content, as well as scheduling tweets efficiently.

4.2.2. Tweet Language

Managing a branded Twitter account, such as the Graph AdvocatesDAO, requires a more proficient and systematic approach than most individual Twitter accounts. Language and tone across tweets should be consistent regardless of the individuals engaged in creating the content. The Twitter team is responsible to establish tweet guidelines that inform team members on how to successfully execute on that mandate.

4.2.3. Tweet Cadence

Tweet volume and sequencing intervals are important elements to consider. Too few tweets may result in a lack of engagement by the account’s followers, while too many tweets may be perceived as spamming followers with too much content. The Twitter team shall establish guidelines for a target number of tweet volume and leverage the aforementioned pipeline management process to appropriately execute tweet activities.

5. References

5.1. Links


Thank you @Estie for creating this GOC and to align everyone on the team on the goals and processes. Confirming that the proposal accurately reflects the processes we are currently following. I support the GOC as written and look forward to seeing this officially put up for vote soon.


Great Idea. In addition of that, I consider that the GOC should define what includes Graph Ecosystem (core devs, other DAOs created, etc).
Related with point 4.1.2 I would include Core Devs, Graph Protocol and the different Graph Communities


Thank you for your great feedback! The referenced list of section 4.1.2. is intended to provide an overall understanding of Twitter accounts that are suggested/recommended to follow. I avoided listing specific protocols, teams, members and communities as they likely fall under one of the bullet points.

I didn’t add The Graph Protocol as I assumed it to be a given (and the DAO account is already following the Graph’s Twitter account). However, it does seem important to include the Core Dev teams and Graph ecosystem communities in the aforementioned list of suggested accounts to follow. I will add your recommendations to the appropriate section. Thank you!

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Great work, @Estie! I support this GOC. I would, however, like to propose that any references to the DAO’s mission exactly matches the official mission statement: The mission of the Graph AdvocatesDAO is to drive greater participation in building a decentralized web3 and grow The Graph community by supporting community-based initiatives and through contributions of Graph Advocates. I know this seems nit-picky, and that’s not my intention. But I feel strongly that the DAO’s mission statement should be reinforced through consistency.


Thank you! I appreciate your feedback! After considering your suggestion, I would like to add some descriptive words of what the mission is and also reference the Charter for the mission statement itself.

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The OP has been updated with the feedback given in this thread and GOC-0015 is now live on DAOhaus for DAO voting.


In full support with the changes made. Thanks for putting this together @Estie.


The DAO has approved this GOC with a 15-0 vote in favor. The GOC has been processed on-chain in DAOHaus and is ratified effective immediately as of today.



Thank you for this GOC, this is a great work that show the workflow and process with the Twitter management.

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