Fast Track DAO Proposal

During today’s OP’s meeting, we discussed the subject of our initially proposed temporary fast-track.

The fast-track was initially proposed as a temporary solution to meet the demands of bootstrapping the DAO. The OP’s committee has agreed to place the addition of new fast-track candidates on pause until we have more clarity on this issue.

To continue the fast-track program, we must first have an open discussion to gauge whether we should propose this change. From a governance perspective, that would require an update to the Charter to incorporate the corresponding language to enable the DAO to do this permanently.

If the permanent fast-track does receive enough positive majority engagement, we must make a formal proposal to the foundation as it alters the previously agreed upon Charter. The updated charter draft will then be submitted via an on-chain proposal to DAOHaus for a vote.

I have created this topic to have an open discussion on the matter over the next seven days for everyone to express their thoughts and opinions.


Something to consider is that there is no set amount of time or a specific number of contributions that is required before one might move from the Advocate Program to a DAO Opportunity. Since we have several new DAO members to onboard in the next couple of weeks my stance would be to stop fast tracking, keep the process in place stated in the charter and potentially invite advocates that are a fit for the DAO to apply after the first 2 or 3 or x number of weeks. By this time we will be able to make some assessment of the contributions they are making to the community through Discord. They would still be following the traditional track yet be semi fast-tracked based on merit and initial contributions.

The DAOs main tasks are to process Community Grants and facilitate the Advocates Program & Community Talk, and at some point the DAO will have enough members to manage those. Our initial assessments being around 35 members in the short term and 50 within a year. If everyone is fast tracked in, there will not be any opportunity for Advocates who are on the traditional path to advance.


I also agree it is time to pause the fast-track and allow advocates the opportunity to transition from the Advocate Program to the DAO as originally planned. I am also of the opinion that such a transition should be merit-based in order to ensure quality over quantity with regard to contributions made within the program


I think it would be best practise to stop the fast-track process for now, as it is not included in the AdvocatesDAO charter.

However, there are discussions to be had about the transition from Graph-Advocates-program member to AdvocatesDAO member. I currently feel like this path is unclear.

In my opinion the Graph Advocates Program and AdvocatesDAO could be the perfect development-zone for the broader Graph/web3 ecosystem.

I would love to see graph advocates move to cool positions within the AdvocatesDAO, Core developer teams, SubgraphDAO, other future DAO’s, etc. I want to make sure we do not miss out on talent by stopping the fast-track program.

We should make sure to provide advocates with a clear path to DAO-membership application.

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I consider we should keep the fast track DAO program open. Many DAOs requires qualified profiles and stop this process could be a lost of very interesting profiles. We should transform fast track DAO program into the standard process.