Establishment Of Graph Wiki

would like to launch a Wiki for Graph Ecosystem and hope to gather support from community to fill it in and help maintain going forward.


Currently there are some info on the

page but it’s naturally limited and updated slowly as it’s designed to attract attention and route people. Future rebrand is going to just make that more clear but not going to create more place for content. Website is also maintained by the Foundation and has limited capacity for maintenance of some content that is changing.


The idea is to have a place where a person can learn from basics about Graph, it’s mission and vision; learn strengths of the protocol and see how it compares to other potentially familiar chains; learn about ecosystem

It would be important to have “router” places that would be informing where various info lives.


Would be great to have commitment from teams and community members to contribute the initial content but even more important to continue improving and contributing to it over time.

Comment here with your commitments and what are pieces of content you would like to see or can write .


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There is such a place –, so I don’t think there’s any point in creating. If a user has questions that are not answered in the academy or other sources, the user can always ask them in discord, in the relevant channel - graphprotocol. Happy to respond :black_heart:

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Pls read here again
There are information on those places but they are limited
Academy is a place for learning
Check the link you sent
Every information is not well detailed out
Top notch projects like polkadot ,near etc
Have both a web page and an academy but still have a wiki
It explains everything in details

This is not enough reason not yo have a wiki
A wiki is where newbies can get knowledge bout the ecosystem this will also ease the work on mods as this will be as a reference point

Thank you

The Graph academy is effectively a wiki for the Graph ecosystem. I do not know how well it is updated however, and it doesn’t seem to me like it is publicly editable.

Does anyone know about those things? Because if this is updated by a company or one person at some company it might be worthwhile to establish a public Wiki of some sorts. These already exist for all sorts of communities.

Would appreciate other people’s thoughts.

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Good a.m Tim when I first came to the graph ecosystem I needed where to learn bout Graph ecosystem perfectly
I went to the web page I saw everything I needed to know bout graph but not well detailed out
Only the point are being selected out
So no clear details and use cases
I went to the academy page same thing
I actually had some difficulties
Routing my way through several blogs and gathering information piece by piece
That is the main reason I propose for a wiki
A place of information
Well detailed and explain
Everything you need to know bout the community will be publish and edited from time to time as the ecosystem grows and evolve to something big

I have seen other top ecosystem have wiki and I have come to the conclusion that the reason is to make it easy for anyone to get easy access to all information bout a project

Can you provide links?

A good version is an old version of Polkadot Wiki (currently it became too overloaded):

Near protocol also

Also this project have web pages
And some even have docs like this

@259tim here’s the repo: GitHub - TheGraphAcademy/Graph-Academy-Hub: The Graph Hub is a free, open-source and community-driven knowledge base and documentation initiative on The Graph Protocol. The vision of The Graph Academy is to establish a single go-to-resource for essential information about The Graph Protocol.

Looks like it’s all public Markdown that anyone can suggest updates for.

See How to make changes to The Graph Hub and Guidelines for contributors for more details.

Thanks! That is super helpful to know and that means that I don’t really see any reason to support this proposal. The Academy is publicly available and publicly editable.

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Yep, @pakaliscious chooses the language of facts :grin:

Being a permissionless and open-source community enables everyone to either join existing initiatives or create new ones themselves. That is a question left to everyone individually, but I would recommend to think about it carefully. The Graph Academy is not a Wiki in the truest sense, but it has established itself as the main knowledge platform in the Graph ecosystem. It greatly benefits from people joining and expanding its content further and thus grow its impact.

I am generally more supportive of engaging in existing initiatives in an effort to continue growing them as opposed to fraction like-kind initiatives with something new that is started from scratch

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