DAO Membership Nomination: Tim S

GOC-0002 DAO Membership has been executed and I’m excited to put forward my first candidate for DAO membership from the Advocates cohort for @259tim (discord handle: Pixel#1812)

Tim has joined the Advocates program a few months ago in wave 2 and made an instant impact in the DAO. He organized community call meetings on Fridays where everyone was able to join, chat and get to know one another. He worked with @Mr.1776 and @Slimchance to set up the new Introduction channel on discord which is now a place where new members can receive a warm welcome as they join. Tim also participated actively in the design of the soon-to-be-launched Advocate contributions process, which will become a critical workflow for the DAO to recognize Advocate engagements.

We also see Tim actively supporting the DAO with due diligence on new community grant proposals. That is an important part of the community grant process to ensure that the DAO issues quality grants that are mission-aligned. All of these contributions made by Tim came from his own drive. He has proactively taken initiative and showcased how to engage in a permissionless structure we have at the Graph AdvocatesDAO. Permissionless engagement in the DAO does not mean "do what you want”, but rather identifying opportunities that are aligned with the mission of the DAO and which one has passion for, and then roll up the sleeves to go after it. Thank you for all your contributions, Tim, and I hope to see you joining the DAO soon.

To clarify procedural next steps in accordance with GOC-0002:

  1. @259tim, please confirm via response in this thread if you would like to accept the nomination as a candidate for Graph AdvocatesDAO membership
  2. DAO & community members are invited to share their own thoughts and feedback on this nomination via responses in this thread
  3. In ~ one week I will proceed with creating a formal on-chain membership proposal for Tim in DAOHaus
  4. In the case of a positive outcome of the DAO vote in DAOHaus, Tim would subsequently be onboarded to the DAO

Hello Oliver!

I would like to express my thanks for your nomination. I have really enjoyed being involved in the Advocates program/DAO and exploring the Web3 space through the wonderful people involved in it. I love seeing the community grow, discovering more and more about what is happening in this space and seeing people’s cool projects.
I thus accept this nomination and would be super excited to help out further in the DAO! Thank you very much and I hope I will be able to be a good contributor to the AdvocatesDAO and help out wherever I can :partying_face:


Congratulations @259tim! I will also share some ideas to make the DAO discord more efficient.


I definitely support this nomination and believe that Tim would be a great addition to the DAO! From day 1, Tim has asked many questions and really jumped into things, coming up with his own ways to contribute and provide support. A big “yes” from me!


Congratulations more grace @259tim

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I very strongly support this proposal. Tim is a brilliant, helpful, fun and honest man.
It was a joy having met and work with him at the Graph booth in ETH Mexico.

He has been very helpful in the forum and on the Discord.

This new member will make the DAO exponentially better!


Congratulations Tim! Very much in support of your nomination. I think you’d be an asset to the DAO


Congrats Tim!!. I support this nomination:


Thank you everyone for your feedback. The proposal has been posted on DAOHaus and voting will start once another DAO member has sponsored the proposal. Good luck Tim


Totally agree, thanks @259tim for everything you do.