DAO Membership Nomination: PaulieB

Nominee’s Discord ID: PaulieB#0047

I would like to nominate @paulieb as a candidate for DAO membership. Paul was onboarded as an Advocate in Wave 1 of the Graph Advocates program. Paul has been very active as Advocate and also contributed with excellent contributions for the whole community.

Specifically, Paul is very active on subgraphs’ documentations and in helping the Curator’s community:

Paul is also an active member of Curation Station and Graphtronauts communities, helping people starting their journey and become contributing members of The Graph ecosystem.

Paul has also built a high reputation and I truly believe his skills and expertise would benefit the Advocate & Grant committees of the AdvocatesDAO.

@paulieb, please confirm via a reply to this post if you would like to accept this nomination as a candidate for Graph AdvocatesDAO membership.


Thanks Paolo. It would be an honor to accept nomination


I’m in full support of this nomination! Paul has become a very active Advocate and his engagement has proven to be mission-aligned. I would be excited to see him accepted into the DAO!


I am also in full support of this nomination. @paulieb has done an incredible job over the last few months as an Advocate and active ecosystem participant. Observing the type of engagement Paulie has demonstrated, I believe the DAO would greatly benefit from his contributions in whatever committees and teams he chooses to join.


It should not be a big surprise that I am also in support of this nomination. While Paul and I have become friends over the past year, we have done so surrounding our mutual participating in various sectors of The Graph ecosystem. I feel that he would be a valuable asset to the DAO.


I’ve been looking forward to this nomination. @paulieb and I have worked closely on different projects and his work rate is tremendous. I strongly believe he would be a very valuable asset to the DAO.


Congratulations @paulieb !


Paul would be an excellent addition to the DAO. He’s created a ton of documentation for various subgraphs, and contributes regularly to Graphtronauts and Curation Station. He’s earned this recognition. :sunglasses:


Thank you all for the feedback.
The membership proposal for @paulieb has been posted on DAOHaus and voting has already started: