DAO Membership Nomination: Martin Montero

Nominee’s Discord ID: Martin Montero | Graph Advocate#2460

I would like to nominate @Montero as a candidate for DAO membership. Martin was onboarded as an Advocate in Wave 3 of the Graph Advocates program. He has been helping out on Discord, telegram and at IRL events. Martin is active in the ecosystem on a daily basis and has helped me connect multiple teams of people to start working on amazing projects.

Martin joined the team representing The Graph at ETHMexicoCity and helped out hundreds of people at the event like a complete rockstar. Martin being able to speak multiple languages fluently and his amazing network kept surprising me, it seemed like he knew everybody at the event and he got a lot of people excited about The Graph.

Martin has proactively build his community reputation and I think his skills/expertise would benefit the Advocate & Grant committee of the AdvocatesDAO.

@Montero, please confirm via a reply to this post if you would like to accept this nomination as a candidate for Graph AdvocatesDAO membership.


I support the Martin nomination.
I consider Martin is working very hard in this community and would be a great AdvocateDAO member.


Thank you kindly Colson!

I was a real pleasure meeting the team in person at ETH Mexico and working with y’all.

Yes. with gratitude and honor I accept this nomination.



I absolutely support Martin’s nomination as well. I got to see firsthand how much work he puts into our community in Mexico and I think he would be a great help in the DAO, 100% in support!


I support as well! Martin was an amazing advocate to have at EthMexico and always shows to be very supportive and dedicated to web3 and the Graph community. I see that he’ll be able to make very important contributions as a DAO member.


Congrats Martin! I support your nomination and believe you’d be an asset to the DAO


Congratulations @Montero! I am excited to visit Mexico again next year and would love to meet the Web3 community over there. Will take your guidance and hopefully meet you too!