DAO Membership Nomination: Heinz Martin Breuer

I would like to nominate Martin Breuer as a candidate for DAO membership:

Martin is VP of Marketing at Pinax, one of the eight core dev teams behind The Graph.
He is a creative and web3 professional with a rich background in the arts, activism, and music.

After graduating with a Master’s in Oil Painting from the Art Academy Düsseldorf, Martin moved to Asia, where he immersed himself in local life for over 15 years and organized cultural exchange programs between Europe and Asia.

Around 2015, Martin’s curiosity and innovative spirit led him to explore the web3 realm, diving deep into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the transformative potential of smart contracts. His enthusiasm for the decentralized web culminated in organizing local Crypto Meetups, fostering a space for learning and discussion.

Martin’s journey in the web3 domain took a significant leap in the summer of 2018 when he joined Pinax as the Regional Director for Asia. Demonstrating leadership and vision, he quickly ascended to the role of VP of Marketing, steering the company’s marketing strategy with a focus on the human element in web3 and the potential global impact of decentralized governance on international society.

Throughout his career, Martin has been an active participant in the web3 community, serving as an elected representative in various DAOs and taking on a leadership role as a community engagement lead for the Pomelo platform, dedicated to supporting web3 public goods.

In spring 2023, Martin expanded his advocacy for the web3 space by joining the Graph Advocates program (onboard in Wave 13) further solidifying his commitment to promoting decentralized solutions and technologies.

Martin can bring his expertise in the DAO Events Team, specifically, and not only for Asia, given his vast experience and time spent in the Far East. Also, he can actively contribute within the Advocates Committee, both to empower and mentoring new Advocates, and also in the Contributions Team to review content as Pinax is actively involved in producing high quality content and blog for the ecosystem.

@Martin_B, please confirm via a reply to this post if you would like to accept this nomination as a candidate for Graph AdvocatesDAO membership.


I fully support this nomination. I hold Martin in high regard, both as a good friend and for his contributions to the ecosystem. I have no doubt that Martin will bring a fresh new voice to the DAO and will excel if he accepts the nomination.


I am honoured to accept the nomination for Graph AdvocatesDAO and look forward to contributing to our shared vision and mission in the web3 space. :rocket:


Thanks for the kind words,Colson :pray: :raised_hands:


I have worked with Martin and he would be a great addition. He is always in tune with the ecosystem and has great ideas and well connected in the community. I am hopeful he is added and look forward a new addition.


I support this nomination! Martin is great. He always supported the program by attending community talks, creating content, having fresh and good ideas and being super active overall. He would be a perfect addition to the team.


Sounds incredible ! Happy to known some good news in the foro


I wholeheartedly endorse this nomination. Martin is a highly respected and distinguished member of our community.

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Thanks to you too, sir! :raised_hands:
Looking forward to working together even more! :blush:

That’s so kind of you Andrea! Thank you :pray:
See you soon in Bucharest! :rocket:

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I support @Martin_B to the nomination. Could be a great contributor.

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I support @Martin_B nomination. I don’t know him but after reading about his career and achievements, I believe we need someone with his potential, especially in the Events Team.

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