DAO Membership Nomination: Constantin Promesse Juste

Nominee’s Discord ID: constant124#6784

I would like to nominate @Constant124 as a candidate for DAO membership. Constantin was onboarded as an Advocate in Wave 4 of the Graph Advocates program. Constantin is very active in the Dutch and French Graph communities, and is working with both communities in the City of Brussels, Belgium.

Constantin has participated in most, if not all, advocate roles, and has showcased his work in over 30 advocate contribution forms.

I have had the opportunity to personally work with Constantin in a multitude of Graph related events and projects. He is one of the most thoughtful, driven, and friendly people I met through my work for the AdvocatesDAO, and I would love for him to join Graph AdvocatesDAO!

With Constantin his knowledge from working with so many projects in Belgium, and his social skills, I think Constantin would be able to do great work in the Advocate and/or Grant committee of Graph AdvocatesDAO.

@Constant124, please confirm via a reply to this post if you would like to accept this nomination as a candidate for Graph AdvocatesDAO membership.


Constantin is a true advocate and everything that new advocates can aspire to be like. Not only is he extremely helpful and approachable but has an extensive knowledge of The Graph and it’s ecosystem. He leads by example from what I have seen and this step up is a worthy role for him.

He has been the catalyst in ensuring the latest French version of the chatbot will be ready for the French / Belgium communities to use in the near future. Without his help and efforts the product would take a lot longer to come to fruition.


Hey everyone,

Thank you so much @Colson ! :pray: :grin:

It would be a real honor for me to be able to join the DAO.

I have been here for some some time now and the ride has been quite enjoyable. I have been trying to create and grow the community in Belgium and also trying to incentives more devs to use The Graph. With that reasoning I started to translate them into french to facilitate the comprehension in my region and for my team.

I have also been working a lot in trying to create regular local events partnering with other web3 groups. I have also went to many events in order to grow the awareness around the protocol, the network to start a successful local event and also to get more minds for the advocates.

I also started a team with pcfk#4875 around subgraph development called Ujima One.

Working with Colson, GRTdatahub, Kylelarue, Andy and many more has been both enjoyable and instructing for me and I hope to be able to do even more.


I am in full support of this nomination. @Constant124 has proven himself to be a dedicated, talented, and engaged Advocate and I think he would add considerable value to the DAO team.

Thanks for all your hard work thus far Constantin! :raised_hands: