DAO Membership Nomination: Ahmed Abdelmalek (PeterPan)

Discord ID: peterp4n

I would like to nominate Ahmed Abdelmalek (a.k.a. @PeterPan) as a candidate for DAO membership. Ahmed is a long term web3 senior contributor with experience in several projects.

As longstanding Graph Advocate, he was onboarded in Wave 2, more than a year ago and he successfully completed lot of contributions for the Advocates Program, plus he is actively involved in the community in both the DAO and the official Graph Discord Server, and in all the major Telegram channels, including the core Graph Guardians group that is where the most senior contributors of the ecosystem gather.

Ahmed is also part of the Explorers program at Geo Browser to become the Crypto Space editor, working with Yaniv Tal.

Ahmed has also been appointed recently as Community Manager by The Graph Foundation, with the goal of growing the Arabic speaking community.

Outside The Graph ecosystem, he was at Developer DAO within the first developers to join and an early contributor, as well as one of the team that founded the Governance Guild at the DAO.

A few months ago, he also graduated from DevRel University an intensive program supervised by six DevRel leaders in the web3 space (including Nader Dabit), as he was chosen in the pilot cohort

I truly believe Ahmed will be a fantastic addition to the Graph AdvocatesDAO, bringing not only his expertise but also his high integrity and desire to help others. Beside all of this, it is also fun interacting with Ahmed as he is an extreme positive person, and a true web3 builder :brick:

@PeterPan, please, confirm via a reply to this post if you would like to accept this nomination as a candidate for Graph AdvocatesDAO membership.


Hello everyone,

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the nomination as a candidate for Graph AdvocatesDAO membership. Hereby, I confirm accepting this nomination with great enthusiasm and dedication.

Thank you @pdiomede for your kind words and support. Working alongside you has been a privilege and your collaboration has undoubtedly played a significant role in achieving goals and milestones. Your nomination holds a special place in my journey towards contributing to the Graph AdvocatesDAO and I am truly honoured.

It’s an incredible honour to be recognized for my contributions within the Graph community. Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with dedicated members in various capacities and I’m enthusiastic about the chance to contribute even more as a DAO member.

I am committed to upholding the values of integrity, community building and knowledge sharing that the Graph AdvocatesDAO represents. If elected, I will strive to bring my expertise, passion and positive energy to the role. It’s my goal to continue supporting the growth of the Graph ecosystem.

Once again, thank you all for this amazing opportunity.

With kind regards,

Ahmed Abdelmalek (@PeterPan)


@PeterPan Always help us with the content through his Graph Guardian initiative.


Peter Pan is an exceptional contributor within the Graph, consistently demonstrating his dedication and expertise. The DAO could greatly benefits from his contributions, and there’s a growing need for more talented developers like him to further enhance the ecosystem.


Thanks a lot Charchit and you can always count on me with anything I can help with


I appreciate your kind words, Paulie
and you have been a big help and supportive every time

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I also have had a great experience working with @PeterPan .
Surely his contributions as a DAO member will be super valuable.

Keep it up :rocket::sunglasses:


I fully support this nomination for @PeterPan

I had a pleasure to connect with him regarding the content creation and he has been wonderful mentor and supporter for the work by contributors like me.

He will be a very good addition as the DAO Members.



I fully support @PeterPan in this nomination. I consider he would be a great member and could collaborate in different areas of the DAO.


Hi @PeterPan

Thank for interesting to join the DAO, will support you to join, hope we can build the DAO together and the better future


Thank you so much @Lorena and I appreciate that you take the time to reply to my messages always, hope we get to collaborate more

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Hey @JonathanZy

Excited to build it together and please feel free to contact me for anything