DAO Membership Nomination: Abhinav Singh

I would like to nominate Abhinav Singh as a candidate for the Graph AdvocatesDAO membership:

Abhinav is the Co-Founder at DappLooker, the no-code blockchain analytics for Smart Contract, Subgraph, DeFi, NFT & Gaming dApps, powered by The Graph Network.

Abhinav is a highly skilled software engineer with over six years of experience, specializing in web and UI development. His career has seen contributions to several notable companies, including MastEvent, KPIT Technologies, Nihilent Technologies Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Globant in India, developing expertise in technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Java Server Faces (JSF) 2.0, Spring, MySQL, and Angular. He has been pivotal in projects ranging from web development for events to complex banking applications and control systems, with roles emphasizing coding, development, unit testing, and performance optimization. In July 2021, Abhinav expanded his career by co-founding DappLooker, a venture that showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to driving innovation in the web3 space, further solidifying his status as a key contributor to technological advancements and solutions.

Abhinav can bring his expertise in our DAO in the following areas:

  • Events Team Contribution: Abhinav can leverage his deep knowledge of the India web3 industry and extensive network to identify and engage influential speakers, sponsors, and participants, ensuring the success of events by creating meaningful connections and fostering an environment for collaborative opportunities and innovation within The Graph ecosystem.
  • Advocate Contribution Team: By utilizing his extensive experience and technical understanding of The Graph ecosystem, Abhinav can offer invaluable insights during the review of technical contributions, ensuring high-quality, impactful projects are recognized and supported, thereby nurturing a robust and innovative developer Advocate’s community for The Graph.

@abhinav_dapplooker, please confirm via a reply to this post if you would like to accept this nomination as a candidate for Graph AdvocatesDAO membership.


I’m deeply honored to accept the nomination for Graph AdvocatesDAO. Excited to strengthen the Graph community together. Thank you.


Congrats on your nomination @abhinav_dapplooker I’m fully in support of this nomination and value your contributions in our community.


Thank you, @Chidubem . I’m looking forward to working more closely together.


Abhinav would be a great addition. Dapplooker does so much for ecosystem and builds so many dashboards. I would love to see how you could help improve some technical aspects of the DAO!!.


Thank you for your kind words and support!

I fully support the @abhinav_dapplooker nomination!!


Thank you for your support!

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:100: :raised_hands:

Congrats on your nomination @abhinav_dapplooker I’m fully in support of this nomination and value your contributions in the community.


Thank you @TheGraphgermany for the support.

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Happy to see the DAO growing with good, hardworking people who have been in the space longer than a lot of us here. Congrats @abhinav_dapplooker :saluting_face:


Thank you for your kind words and support. Your indexer is an inspiration to many.
I look forward to working closely and efficiently with your expertise together.

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