Report - the graph india mumbai meetup

Hello Team,

I’m thrilled to present the report for The Graph India Mumbai Meetup, which aimed to educate and onboard developers and the Web3 community about the Graph Network. It was an excellent opportunity that allowed us to engage with participants and share insights into this exciting technology.

The Graph India Mumbai Meetup Organized:
Speaker of the Event :
Volunteer of the Event :
Abhishek Yadav & Fardin Shayeed
Event Support :
@Charchit_Web3 @pdiomede @Colson

Report Overview:
The meetup was executed as planned in both Mumbai and Delhi, in alignment with our proposal. This report focuses on the Mumbai meetup.

Event Highlights:
The Mumbai meetup was a resounding success, with over 130 enthusiastic attendees. The event drew a diverse crowd, including individuals from Algo Bharat and Solana Superteam DAO, as well as more than 100 computer science students and developers.


  • Total Registrations: 173
  • Total Attendees: 130
  • Dev Community Representation: 80%
  • Web3 Community Representation: 20%

A glimpse of the Event & Social Attractions

The meetup featured a thoughtfully curated agenda to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the Graph Network and its applications. Key highlights included:

  1. Introduction to The Graph Network: The event commenced with an overview of The Graph Network, its underlying technology, and its role in the decentralized web.

  2. Real-world Use Cases: Several engaging presentations showcased real-world use cases of The Graph Network across various industries, illustrating its potential impact.

  3. Technical Workshops: The developers’ community was treated to interactive technical workshops, diving deep into the integration of The Graph with different blockchains and platforms.

  4. Web3 Community Engagement: For the Web3 community, the event included discussions on the importance of decentralized data and how The Graph Network empowers decentralized applications.

  5. Networking Opportunities: Networking time allowed attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and foster collaboration.

Success and Impact:
The Mumbai meetup exceeded our attendance expectations and achieved its primary goal of educating and engaging the community. The positive feedback from participants highlighted the relevance of the content and the value gained from the event.

Next Steps:
Building on the success of this meetup, we will continue our efforts to spread awareness about The Graph Network and its potential. We intend to leverage the momentum generated to organize more meetups, workshops, and collaborative initiatives.


The audience was interactive and provided great feedback on what I explained about web3 , blockchain , TheGraph. Once again thanks @Albhion and @Charchit_Web3 for the opportunity :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Loved it! Looking forward to next one.
Congratulations team :heart:


Gm Everyone, I am Abhishek Yadav,
Thanks for Volunteering opportunity…

Congratulations, The meetup looks Great!


If it applies to this grant. Please read the questions from the DAO and also transfer these results there as well.


:100::handshake: Congratulations. I am happy for your success :muscle:

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Thanks for sharing such a thorough report! Looks like a very successfull event :raised_hands:

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