Grant Proposal: Ignition Hacks 2022

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Ignition Hacks 2022 is a virtual global hackathon offering thousands of dollars in prizes and opportunities for young students to become involved in artificial intelligence, machine learning, crypto, and both Web2 and Web3 development. Ignition Hacks brings together future leaders to achieve the common goal of improving their knowledge, technical, and presentation skills, along with expanding their general knowledge of the software world. At this competition, students will be working alone or in teams of up to four to build a technical project within a time limit of 36 hours. Through this, hundreds of students will be able to enhance their communication skills, leadership abilities, creativity, and programming knowledge. At our event participants will be meeting both experienced mentors and keynote speakers, through workshops, as well as other youths in the STEM community. These workshops will introduce and extend hackers to emerging technologies, which will apply to their hackathon projects.

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As of currently we have only recieved $500 from Cognitive Systems, but we were hoping to have The Graph as our top sponsor!

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
Our project will impact web3 by introducing hundreds of young and skillful youths to web3, and how it can be incorporated into their project, as well as its real-life applications. Unlike many other hackathons which focus on coding languages such as python, java, and HTML, we developed Ignition Hacks 2022 to expand the web3 community to students across the world. Our hackers will be educated through workshops that will introduce and expand upon web3 while incorporating interactive activities. Through this exposure, we hope to inspire these youth the explore web3 further by not only incorporating it into the idea of their project but also exploring future employment opportunities. The hackers who will develop these skills from our hackathon will hopefully become the next generation of your Core Dev team. Additionally, we are opening opportunities for companies such as The Graph to become a sponsor or partner of our event, which would be able to contribute directly to our event and have a direct impact on our hackers. By becoming a sponsor or partner, we introduce your brand mission to our hundreds of participants, where they will learn about decentralized indexing protocol for Web3, and how you achieve that through your core infrastructure.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
You can visit our devpost where we hosted our previous hackathons through these link (2020), (2021). And in our instagram @ignitionhacks, you will be able to find our previous and current promotional material for our hackathon.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
We are committed to contributing to web3 in Ignition Hacks 2022, because we want to introduce more youth to new and developing aspects of technology such as web3, through various workshops, events, and speakers. To expose more people to these various aspects of technology, we are driven toward creating a more inclusive environment that values the ideas and perspectives of all. We know that our future in web3 relies on the participation of our current youths, and building their knowledge. To encourage more youth to become involved in web3, it is important to provide educational experiences, where they can develop skills and learn about new and emerging technologies. This is especially important, as technology is advancing every day, and to continue advancing, our next generation of technology leaders, need to be allowed to be exposed to those kinds of technology. This is not only just by reading or hearing about it, but first-handedly learning through interactive workshops. Hackathons such as Ignition Hacks provide young future hackers with the chance to develop their passion for web3 and other emerging technologies!

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Thanks for your application! Here are some questions:

  1. Is this grant used for the prize or the other cost?
  2. Except for the sponsor section, how would you introduce the mission of The Graph and how long the estimated time of the introduction?

I am looking forward to your reply!

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Thank you for submitting your proposal to the Graph AdvocatesDAO.

Unfortunately, your grant proposal did not generate the level of support from our Forum community necessary to move to the next phase. Therefore, we are declining to further review this grant application.

We hope you will stay engaged in the broader Graph community and you are welcome to submit new grant applications in the future!