Grant Proposal: Graph block chain in Nigeria university

Grant ID: 3de0qcu


Graph block chain is one of the growing Blockchain in the world, from my research 70% of Nigerians involved in cryptocurrency are students, so therefore looking at this fact I am proposing for the establishment of Graph Blockchain Hubs in Nigeria University starting from Akwa Ibom state university, and we also have alot of students developer’s we can start to bring them in.

this Blockchain hub will form a very close partnership after creating the students developer’s club. the graph Blockchain hub will put them through the graph certified Developer . the Blockchain Hub will bring in more students developer’s in the Ecosystem. Now we have bear market having this Blockchain club in Nigeria it will bring more people.
the graph hub will promote extra curricular activities Like:
*Sports Activities in the University

  • seminar on ecosystem/Blockchain
  • dancing and music competition.

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Subgraph Developers

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Now we have bear market, with this project we will be able to have more people in graph Blockchain hub. Also we have more students developer’s in the web3.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
Near blockchain also have a similar work i can say that near blockchain is now everyway.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
Web 3 brings in more security and direct sense of ownership
It’s also permissionless allowing everyone to take part in it equally.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Am interested because graph Blockchain club Will bring in more talented student into cryptocurrency and the web3 more research will be done by the students developer’s.

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Hello! Thank you for applying for a community grant. I have some questions regarding your application.

  • How many events have you held in the past, and can you show any resources that give insight into the presentations made?
  • How many participants were at these events(s) if any?
  • Have you built any Subgraphs before and can you share the links if any?
  • How does promoting Sporting activities, dancing, and singing competitions convert to educating attendees about The Graph?
  • Can you give a detailed breakdown as to how the Long-term continuous disbursement of $10000 will be used?

This is some pictures of the even

Sorry for the late response sir .

I have hosted two event one of the event I hosted was a summit Tag financial literacy. the summit was held at Akwa Ibom state university during the summit we feature on, financial management, Investment strategies, agro-allied farming, why entrepreneur and web3 should be improved, what are the team’s in real estate and Agric business and investment in cryptocurrency and each topic we had a resource person that speaks to student, and award was given also. The second event was about a tech community name Hachstacks. Hachstacks is a tech community I featured on Sports fiestas and also seminar, we discussed on tech and also coding.

My fist event since it was all about seminar I hard 800 people that participated in the event. This event was attend by secondary school students, business men, crypto traders, university student and staff of the university. and my second event after the Hachstacks sports fiesta, during the seminar I had 1000 student present. We achieved alot during the event, student are now coding very well after the program.

No I have not

having students is the core purpose of the club. hosting Sports and social activities are subsidiary. These activities are fun activities that would aid participation of students in the club activities. From my experience, this is one of the best way to onboard students since they would include plenty of interactive and engaging activities that would play a key role in making sure that students attends the seminar event that will be hosted by the club.

It goes to all the university.
Customize polo= $3000
Social media management=$471
Design = $600
Entertainment =$1600
Giveaway =$900
Prize to be won=$1429

Grand Total$10000